about tadeleye

Founded by Tade, our brand is a celebration of individuality and confidence. Inspired by a love for all things shiny, our debut collection features a signature metal-silver star, symbolising the radiant star that glows inside everyone.

Mission ⭐ At Tadeleye, we try to to make women feel empowered, confident, and downright sexy in themselves and in our clothes.

🌍 Sustainability 🌍 While we embrace social sustainability, while acknowledging the challenges of environmental sustainability in fashion, our commitment lies in local craftsmanship. Every piece is handmade in London, supporting fair wages and reducing carbon footprint.

🪡 Quality 🪡 Experience exceptional quality as each piece is meticulously hand crafted in our London studio. Made-to-order ensures minimal material waste and a personal touch, making every item uniquely yours.